Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Forgive me, community, for I have caused M5a

In life of every committer comes a time that separates boys from men (apology to my female co-committers - I am only using this for the dramatic effect). A committer comes of age when he/she breaks the build for the first time. Another milestone that only the chosen ones reach is to cause an M5a build.

How can one reach such a lofty goal? It takes years of experience, ever increasing responsibilities that compete with the proper testing time and most importantly, a blissful disregard for the Eclipse API prime directive: Every API matters to some client.

In M5, we have reworked the UI Forms. A color that was used in the past is no longer needed. I deprecated the color key but made a mistake of not leaving the color by that key around for those who want to use it. You can read all the embarrassing details in the bug 174441. Who knew people find the color Forms use to paint the section title gradient useful for other interesting purposes.

What can I do to top this? I have never caused a rebuild of a GA build. But something tells me my commit rights will be wrestled away from me before I manage to achieve it.


AlBlue said...

Think of it this way -- you've helped complete a very valuable tradition in the Eclipse lifecycle :-)

I'll buy you a beer at EclipseCon ;-)

Dejan Glozic said...

Alex, I accept and I raise you another beer :-).

Denis Roy said...

> But something tells me my commit
> rights will be wrestled away from
> me before I manage to achieve it.

Indeed, your account is scheduled for deletion tomorrow morning ;)

Marc Teufel said...

We are all just men. So, that doesn't matter!

I love UI Forms, its one of the most exciting parts in Eclipse!

If I could be at EclipseCon I would join your conversation with alblue except that i only would drink Spezi... (do you americans know "Spezi", thats a mix of coke and orangead, here in germany/bavaria we call it "Spezi").

Greetings, Marc

Dejan Glozic said...

Marc, I never tried it - you have to show it to me.

In my youth, the mixes that involved cola were harder (rum cola evokes tender memories :-).

Ed Merks said...

I don't think you can take full credit for M5a. Some credit goes to those who wait until M5 before they notice something has changed. Of course when there are late breaking broken changes, like 172451, leading to 173741, then full credit can be claimed. :-)

I'm just happy to see someone other than me share this year's credit!!

Phoebe said...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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