Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Now this is understatement

Being with the Eclipse project for a long time, I know well that Eclipse developers are not very good at tooting their own horn. We tend to just assume this is part of our job and make things look almost too easy.

Today I visited Steve, the daddy of the SWT team and he gave me a demo of Eclipse on Vista. The buttons that shimmer, the text fields that glow with anticipation when the mouse moves closer, the tree view animations, the works. It all looked great, fully native and had great performance.

I expected to see a number of entries in M5 New & Noteworthy to properly celebrate this event. Instead, this is what I found:

Note that the Win32 port of SWT continues to work well on Windows platforms and fully exploits the new look and feel of Windows Vista.

Have we come to assume that SWT 'just works' for so long that we don't see a great achievement when it smacks us on the head? I for one will follow Wassim's suggestion and say the following:

Thank you, Steve and the SWT team!


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